An i-Mount in your kitchen is just one of the many places where you can have automation. It gives you the ability to view recipes while cooking, view your security cameras, control your sound system, your lighting, air conditioning, and much more via the App Store on your iPad.

Created by one of the world's top aeronautical engineers, the i-Mount is designed with a world class 2.03mm thick aluminum bezel. Placing and taking out your iPad from your i-Mount is as seamless as can be, while still maintaining a minimalistic look.

Prevention of Overheating

All of our i-Mounts come with ventilation in the back, so there is no need to worry about your iPad overheating!


i-Mount for Security

Having an i-Mount enables you to control your home security. With countless security applications in the Apple app store, you can decide which one best fits you while having a stationary place to oversee the safety for you and your home.

i-mount for entertainment

The i-Mount is the perfect product to store your iPad and automate your home. From controlling your TV, music system, and numerous other features, the i-Mount gives you the capability to have a state-of-the-art home.

i-mount for Offices

The purpose of having an i-Mount for your office building allows you to streamline your day. Conducting meetings, creating presentations, and controlling lighting and temperature are just a few of the things you can do with an i-Mount in your office. 

Apps that work with i-mount


Purchasing an i-Mount has made automating my home so easy! My kids are able to control things in the house without having to touch my phone. 

Lester G.

The affordability aspect of the i-Mount is what really sold me on this product. Because of the price, my husband is putting a few of them in his office building and his co-workers are loving them!

Ashley M.

Although there are similar products out there, no product is this affordable nor does one do this great of a job keeping my iPad charged all the time!

Maureen B.